Pricing of Our Smoking Cessation Program

The B.C. Medical Services Plan (MSP) does not recognize smoking cessation or weight loss counselling as valid pay items (in other words if a patient wishes help from their health care professional they must pay for it privately). Much of the health care budget is spent on treating the end result of many years of tobacco abuse and other lifestyle choices instead of supporting more preventative measures such as smoking cessation or maintaining healthy weight.

The only public (free) help for an individual to quit smoking with counselling is Quit Now by phone (1-877-455-2233). Dial-A-Dietitian is a free nutrition information line (1-800-667-3438).

As of January 2017, the 7 week CISIC Treatment Program (individual counselling) is set at $1399. Just remember that a year of smoking would cost over $3000!

The cost of group counselling classes is $300 per person. Class size may vary depending on registration.

Individual weight loss counselling (Lose Weight For Life) is available with Dr. Poteryko, the 7 week program is $1399.

Individual counselling rates are $100 per half hour, $200 per hour.

For missed appointments - a $50 fee will be applied if 24 hours notice is not given.

We want to help you stop smoking for good (and lose weight for life!) therefore flexible payment methods are available (i.e. weekly, monthly payments, post-dated cheques, etc.).

Also check out Dr. Poteryko's book "First You Smoked - Now You Live" for just $19.99.

When you are ready to stop smoking for good, CISIC can help.